You learn from what's killing you.

May 14, 2015


Flashback Friday. 14 years ago I rode to Sturgis with Indian Larry, Giuseppe Roncen and Jesse James. It ended up changing everything. That was a rad trip spent the week rolling all over the Black Hills with Larry. And two months later went to work at WCC. Hard to believe it was that long ago. #fbf


Live Wire said...

Wow has it been 14 years?? I want to share with you what that trip did for me...Well for the most part it changed and saved my life. When that aired on the Discovery channel I was watching TV that night from my couch in NC Literally knocking on heavens door battling a long and terrible drug addiction.I remember those clips of you guys rolling threw the desert with
Fu Manchu playing in the back ground and it gave me goosebumps. See growing up I always wanted a dirt bike as a kid but it wasnt in the cards for me but when I saw the show that night I knew it was time to get a bike and cleanup my life.I always think back how that show changed my life and how I wanted ride threw the desert and reflect on that one day so the first time I rode to Born Free from North Carolina I had it in mind the whole way . Hell, once I made it to California you even passed me and my slow ass panhead on the freeway on the way to Tri-co for the pre party that friday night...kinda crazy uh! Anyway I wanted to share that shit with you because you never know the impact you made on me. .Since then I cleaned up and traded my addiction for motorcycles..Thank you and Take care Dave

Jeff Potter

Big Guy said...

Hollllay Shit! I remember this magazine cover and I remember that episode. Also, I didn't realize you were the same Chopper Dave from the Sturgis ride, Bad Ass. Keep it up pimp! I don't ride as much anymore but I still stick my head out the mini-van window.

Chopperdave said...

Hey Jeff Potter, I cant begin to tell me how much your comment meant to me. Thank you so much. i am happy that I was a part in any way of you making your life better!