You learn from what's killing you.

November 1, 2014


A year ago today my whole life changed. I married the one woman on the planet that is my perfect match @paola_polkadot this year has been pretty chaotic but as it turns out every bit of chaos has made our marriage stronger and made she and I more of a team. I am grateful to have her as my partner for life and I am also grateful to have her amazing kids in my life. I love being a stepdad to the most amazing kids I have ever known. @monkeyboy_666 @_presley_ and #liamski you three have changed me and I am eternally grateful love you Paola! #family #bff #kids #loveit #withheratmysideicandoanything #happyanniversarybaby

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Unknown said...

Congradulations, Dave, Paola, and family !