You learn from what's killing you.

October 4, 2014


*This is @chopperdaves wife, @paola_polkadot reposting my last post as he's asked me to. Many of you know that he went down yesterday in an accident. If not, please go check out my last couple of posts on my page, as it's too much to go into here. He does not have his phone so he's asked me to repost this as these are his feelings as well. I will be updating on my page later this afternoon. **First off I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who sent prayers, well wishes and good energy to @chopperdaves and our family today. Reading the comments and texts brought me to tears and I'm amazed at the outpouring of love from our friends, family, Instagram friends and the motorcycle community in general. I can't express in words how grateful we are for you all. Second, I apologize that due to bad reception at the hospital and phone battery issues that I was not able to reply to each and every call/text/comment we received, but please know every single one was appreciated. I want to especially thank @9half for the help with the bike, @hapaisprapa for being there when I had to run out, Sean Harvell for hauling ass back on his bike from his Vegas weekend trip to be w D and help me w the kids, @mach_mdfd for donating profits from their sales to D's medical fund, to @elpacmangringo for setting up the "gofundme" and for everyone who has reposted that and donated. *Im in tears again* UPDATE ON @chopperdaves He has recently come out of a five hour surgery. And aside from being in major pain and very uncomfortable he is doing well. He will be in the hospital till at least Sunday. We're holding it together and thanks again everyone, we are eternally grateful. ❤️❤️❤️** He is overwhelmed by the love and support as is our whole family.

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Sam Gould said...

Legends never die! Wishing you a speedy recovery brother.