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March 26, 2014

60's Go Karts

So, a few years back i got this sweet ass '60's go kart from my buddy Cody in Frisco.  i have ALWAYS wanted a damn go kart, from the go kart track on Vanowen in north hollywood in the 70's to drooling over the sears catalog as a kid i always wanted one.
so Cody hooked me up with this one and its just been sitting, now I cant fit in it unless i lose a buncha weight, BUT my wife fits in it and even better all three kids fit.  so it's now my mission to make it work again.  i know nothing about it 'cept that its fuckin neat as shit!  pretty sure it is set up for a McCulloch engine.  i could move the axle stuff around and put a harbor freight engine in it, but i thought it would be cool if i could find something period and neat.
and of course i'd make some ridiculous pipe and air cleaner assembly for whatever i end up with.
it has a neat little hydraulic (Fancy!) disc brake on it and i can probably fix that and other than the motor stuff its all pretty much serviceable.

and coz i'm fucked up i could get it running and put a gopro on it and stick a naked model in it and get video as she races around my complex...

SOOOO anyone got any advice or anything i might need for it?  or any info on it or whatever?

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Unknown said... there is a vintage kart forum on this site. You can get everything you need and all the info to make it period correct. Looks like an old bugg or wasp chassis but not 100%. Hope you get it going soon