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July 10, 2013

The Steel Shoe

This bike is a fucking MONSTER.  
I have had this bike in my head for years and thanx to Mike and Grant I made it happen.  It is going to evolve from here into a far more serious machine.  Thanx to Dynojet we ran it on the dyno to tune it.  It ran 108hp on the dyno with throttle cables that limited throttle opening.  so that 108hp was at 66% throttle.  We expect with tuning that i should be able to get it to 145-150 at the rear wheel.  

Its the XLRF-TT.
XL for Sportster
RF for Race Fun
TT for Turbo Tracker
it's the Steel Shoe.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Love to see more shots of the mofo, fucking wild !!

jason said...

No doubt this is a badass bike, but can you either post more pics of the various pipes or explain how they're all routed? I got into a discussion with a friend about what's intake vs. exhaust vs. turbo wastegate, and I couldn't find any pics that helped straighten it out. The best we could come up with is that the exhaust is running right along your left thigh, is that right?

Greg said...

please take a video of this thing. It looks awesome.