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May 9, 2012

Chino Air show 2012

Neat stuff flyin at this years Chino air show.
when is the last time you saw two running P-38's?
The glorious P-40
The N9M Northrop Flying wing.


Todd Stimpson said...

Looks like a great show. I've always loved the Lightning.

Capt. Mikhail said...

That wasn't a Spitfire. T'was a Curtis P-40, I do believe.

Hyde said...

damm it's QL that those babes are still running!

brad said...

Holy shit. 2 P-38s
I gotta move.
Thanks Dave.

Jahluv said...

Took my son out to the Chino airport today to check out the vintage airplane museums that are out there. Didn't know anything about that part of the world - thanks for the tip... we had a great day.