You learn from what's killing you.

October 13, 2011

Wes Lang is my friend

Today was a very very rough day

I was going through my pix from NYC and I found these two pix that really kind of changed my outlook. tomorrow morning you will see why i had a rough day.

Thanx to everyone who supports my blog, who buys my parts, who have shown the utmost patience waiting for said parts, who likes any pic ive taken or who has ever walked up to me and said anything good or bad.



Irish Rich said...

You're still my fucking hero, Dave.

Redtailleather said...

Dont need to post this but Yeah seems like there is a crazy load of shit hitting everyone. grandpas alway say what doesnt kill you will make you stronger. I just need shit to stop falling on me though. You make good stuff much respect on that. That always seems to divide people up in the end the truth in there work.

magua said...

Great word's to live by,good man salt of the earth,thanks for posting!Sorry you had a bad day!

Unknown said...

long time reader, bud. Sorry you're having a rough one. The bitter and hard make the soft and sweet that much better.

I just went through a rough patch, your pics were a nice diversion.

Keep on slugging, brother.


stay on the up side of the down, you'll make it through. keep doing what your doing man...