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August 28, 2011

I always wonder

Where the planes in these old pix ended up, as there are so few of them left. Yes there are more p-51d's than just about anything from WW2 flying, but its sad that they are just gone.


Caterpillarnut said...

I often find myself wishing I had been born 60 years earlier so I could buy a couple war surplus planes (B17s, P51s, P47s) when they were totally worthless. It's scary. I talked to a WWII P38 pilot who was retained after the war (along with several others) to fly P38s from all over Europe to some airstrip on the Adriatic. Then they just shoved 'em right off a cliff into the sea.

B.C. said...

Many of them ended up in some third world air force,until they ran out of parts.

BuzzKilr's said...

I love these old pics of WWII aviation. Especially the ones that focus on the mechanics who kept them flying. Think about all the cool tools that make our wrenching experiences relatively easy. Can you imagine what those guys went through with the tools that were available then? I bet if you went back in time and gave them all just ratcheting wrenches the war would have been over in 43!!!!

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