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July 19, 2011

If you are in Denver...

Go here.

i am one of those guys who likes Steak Tampiquenia. I tend to order and try it at any restaurant that i think it might be good at. I have had a lot of steak tampiquenias. Most are just ok. Once in a while it will be good. This is the single BEST one I have EVER had. Its a rib-eye done medium rare with guacamole on top with a cheese enchilada covered in mole sauce, with rice and beans.
This was the fucking BEST!!!!! had it twice, even had it for breakfast with eggs on it the second time.
The steak was amazing, perfectly tender and cooked to perfection.
i wont go into the glory that is the Diablo taco, but DAMN. Try 1 or 20.

El Diablo

101 N Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 954-0324


Dayna said...


My sis lives around the corner from El Diablo... if you are still in the area, try out these... you will NOT be disappointed.

Little Anitas
Jack N Grill

Love,Respect, & Mexican Food,


Dayna said...

oh, and if you dig street tacos, two blocks up from El Diablo is Soccorro's... you will die a happy man.