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May 20, 2011

Goto Costa Mesa Sat night!!!


thats his new 56? tooth sprocket for his Harley powered (Yes it's the only one in the world) new Zealand style sidecar.

he will be racing it at Costa Mesa this saturday, go see him run it, he's insane, and now has the 1000cc short stroke evo in it that revs to 9000rpm!!

T-rod and Gene will destroy everybody with it.


howard kelly said...

Dave...I will see you there....happy to be back in socal

Caterpillarnut said...

Holy shit fuck piss christ! Will someone be kind enough to get video for the rest of us poor bastards who can't make it?

Chop_N_Weld said...

could someone please explain to me the finer points of a 1000cc short stroke evo motor? i was talking with some long time harley wrenches about this post and they cant wrap their heads around it, I understand short stroke, im just curious on how its set up.