You learn from what's killing you.

April 10, 2011

so I was out at the track today....

with T-Rod and Gene as they were doing more shakedown runs with their "New Zealand Sidecar" speedway rig.

these guys rule and are improving with every lap. all you other speedway sidecar people are fucked, when they put the destroked 61" evo in that chassis.

As of right now, to put it in perspective, lets look at it this way.

Right now these assholes are running a S&S 124ci motor, full fucking throttle (Can't kick the rear wheel out at anything less) WITH NO FUCKING BRAKES OF ANY KIND. If they wanted to, they could put this bike on the street and probably go at least 130mph, minimum, with this motor and gearing.

Insanity rules! Support TEAM 25!


Cromagnum Man said...

All kinds of Cool....whats the story destroked 61"?

cornfed said...

that's bitchen,would love to see them in action.HD looking at this?they should.