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April 22, 2011

the other side of Ola's bike

people say that this isn't the "photo" side of a bike.
some bikes, like this one, every side is a photo side!
BIG pic too

OLA!!! what are you building now!?!



very great.

Unknown said...

Nice bike and some great ones in the background when you enlarge the image.

pat said...

wow that is really cool!

Matt said...

"Photo side" huh? Only a small minded asshat would look at only one side of a bike.
I love bikes that have so much going on that even under the bottom there is cool shit to find. Its all about the little things. Small details. I like seeing good wiring jobs, and well routed brakelines more so than an awsome paintjob.

Skylar said...

Photo side to me only applies to a bicycle's drivetrain. (most have one side)

Absolutely the coolest bike in that picture.