You learn from what's killing you.

January 17, 2011

The White Knights in the House of Kolor in LA.

So Wes Lang and Jeffro Schaad were out in LA for an art show thow this past week.
this is the swanky hotel they stayed at...

this is after their rental car got towed, (oops, my fault)

these are one of the sites you see in hollywood after 2am...

this was the art gallery. The Christopher Grimes Gallery.

Yes choppers as art.
yes i'm supposed to be pissed off at this as I hate the idea as choppers as art pieces, but as i have riden with jeffro (His bikes, the evo and the triumph) at 90 mph on the BQE and full throttle across brooklyn, (see here) THAT makes it ok.

Wes and Jeffro, two of the coolest motherfuckers around.

check out Wes' website HERE. In case you havent yet.
and if you havent checked out the WKITHOK, go here...