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September 28, 2010

This sporty belongs to my friend Charlie

This bike is fucking perfect, he has one of my earliest sets of Glory Bound pegs on this bike. He just finished it up and due to an accident is now confined to a wheelchair. He has never riden it, he said he is going to have his friends help him out and stick him out it for a single ride.
Here's to you Charlie! Ride on.

This is one of the nicest sportys i have ever seen, i was happy that I got to see it in person.


bmxcollector said...

Rad ride. Sounds like the crew out there needs to bend up a side hack for that machine. Hand controls and a third wheel= back on the road!

Caterpillarnut said...

Damn, that bike is NICE. Hope he gets to ride it.

Discount said...

That's a gorgous sporty. Look at what I did to my sporty evo I did a few frame modifications including a dropped seat, relocate the battery, and a custom oil tank made out of fiberglass. Working on a metric chop at the moment.

Charlie said...

Dave, heres to you man! Thanks loads for posting pix. It was a pleasure seeing you in Brooklyn. I had a dynamite time, everybody there was so helpful getting it in and out of my truck. The White Knights put on one hellofa gig. Keep doing what you are doing. I'll send ya pix of my maiden voyage.

mikescg said...

my buddies and i helped load this bike back in the truck, this sporty is fantastic, but the owner and his friends were even cooler, it was great to meet people like that, that's what its all about!