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September 7, 2010

Race Day at Loud Fast Rules! pt 2

Ok, so Bob Bennett, formerly of Bennetts Performance, takes a trip to Bonneville, asked if i wanted to come along but I was too busy. So, heres the email i got from him when he got back.

Here's copies of my timing slips from Bonneville Speed Week.
I took the sportster and on my first pass ran a 172.285 on a 170.096 record. I didn't try to back it up because it blew some oil out of the base breather so i had to check out the cause, didn't know if I lost a ring or not. Second pass was a 169.450, not food enough to qualify for the record.
Took the bike back to the pits and found I was running last years spark plugs, (forgot to change them in the last minutes of getting ready for the trip) also adjusted the valves and found a questionable push rod, changed it and made my third pass on Thursday afternoon and went 182..098 in the open A-PG 1650 class, no faring, that's 9 MPH faster that the bike has ever gone in that class and 12 MPH over the record I set last year at the world finals. My back up run was the next morning, salt had a lot of moisture in it and I ran into a 14 MPH 1/4 head wind, went 170.027 for a two way average and new record of 176.063 MPH. OLD GUYS RULE!!! Bike was entered under Team Bennett.

Here's the bike.

And here are the time slips!

Kick ass Bob! Congrats!

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Jahluv said...

"formerly of Bennetts Performance"

Is Bennett's no mas?