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September 13, 2010

Kick Ass Bike For SALE!!!

T-Rod is one of my best friends and he is the most talented sheetmetal guy I have ever met, period.
some one buy this bike its a killer ride.

this is an all hand made motorcycle .
16 over denvers choppers springer front end ,
80 inch evo with je pistons ,
custom head work ,
high lift cam .
s&s carburator ,
dual fire ignition ,
custom made pipes ,
3 inch open belt drive ,
all hand made metalwork , gas tank , oil tank and fender .
5 speed jims transmission and pm brakes .
the paint job was done by buck wild designs .the value of this motorcycle is 35 grand .
the value in this market today is 25 grand im willing to trade it for a bagger with some cash on top or a classic car or hot rod of equal value .
any questions please email Rod direct at

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