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September 12, 2010

Is it finally happening?

Is the Harley Davidson XR-750 finally gonna get unseated as the ultimate flat track bike?
We had a Kawasaki 650 Ninja powered bike WIN at Indy.

We have Ducati forming an honest to god FACTORY BACKED flat track team!

We shall see what will happen. I'd like to see the venerable xr750 retain it's domainace, but up against the japanese technology and Italian magic, can they do it?


Barry said...

I was wondering what motor was in that Kawasaki. I saw it on the cover of Cycle News but in that picture you can't really see the motor very well.
I remember back in the 80s when Honda got into the Grand National dirt track series. I think they won the championship three or four years in a row. I pretty sure Bubba Shobet was one of the Team Honda flat track riders who won a couple championships. It's been quite a while since Harley has had any real competition though for sure.

Anonymous said...

It has already been done. A cat named Ricky (R.I.P. mucho grande respect) and a dude named Bubba kicked the living shit out of the XR for four straight years on a different 750, the uber wicked RS.