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July 31, 2010

Ink N Iron 2010

The one and only Scott Silvia, one of the Heros behind Blackheart Tattoo in San Francisco. Heroic Motherfucker. The man that tattooed my neck, both sides. Heroic BAAAAD Motherfucker! did you ever watch that dvd you are holding Scott?

Oliver Peck (Another Hero) starting a giant tattoo on a guys ribcage, OUCH.

THe one and only Juan Puente, another hero from Blackheart Tattoo and does a ton to help put on Ink N Iron himself.


Her thigh...

The leg of an absolutely beautiful girl who was about to get the coolest elephant tattoo ever from Nick Rodin (another hero from BLackheart.) Damn was she adorable

Koi in a baggie

Vicky Coleman! from Yer Cheatin Heart Tattoo was there, check out her blog. Serously one of the coolest chicks on the planet.

Ahna's leg again...

Two of the cuties out in the sun

The one and only Tim Hendrix, Hero. The man behind the most amazing pinup tattoos on me! One of ther best portrait tattooers on the planet, if not THE best.

She was so cute and tiny.

That ribcage tattoo, ouch again, being done by Oliver Peck.

The MAN, Jon Hall.

Ahna's new Vagazzle tattoo!

Yes thats a Su-Sussudio tattoo on Julie

The man Damian


SHoulder Viking

How do you do it?



Super71 said...

There's some good things going on in that shop!My belt felt like a hero tonight! Thanks again!

Allen said...

Not a fan of inkniron but this pic spread was super for sure.

Guy@GK said...

Funny you should mention your neck. It was the first thing I noticed when we met in June. Those tattoos are BEEEautiful.