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July 15, 2010

Got a package in the mail yesterday...

With Keino's fancy "Tweaky" screws in it!
Very fancy hardware to replace your idle screw, accelerator pump screw and bowl screws on your S&S Super E or G.
Based on the original style adjusters on the Linkert carbs, they are pretty nice!

especially when i don't run a choke its nice to be able to adjust the idle up when the motor is cold, and these are way nicer than the wingnut ones I made for my street tracker...
Hit him up!


KNO said...

yeah!!,, thanks!!
see you in sept 18th!!

arcadian said...

Hey Mr Dave, love those pushrod collars
where can I get them dave?

Love your Air cleaners old chap

gabevtwin said...

Nice! Always looking for cool add ons for my customers...and myself.

276ccm said...

So pretty!