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June 14, 2010

The Sweden Preview!

Yes, the Twin Club MC Invited me to Norrtälje to be on the jury for their show! It was amazing, my time in Sweden was absolutely life altering. Huge thanx to the Twin Club MC for inviting me and puttin me up, and to all members fo the Sinners - Sweden for the amazing time. Special thanx to Robin for givin me a bike to ride for the week and to Rille for rollin all over the country with me!

This is what I took a ride on after beig there for a few hours, wow!

On the way back up to Norrtälje from Stockholm

a Swedish Donut!!

A tiny preview of what was at the show!

The BEST OF SHOW WINNER Minna with her panhead!

Random kickass long bike in the camping area

The GORR MC bike, now Plebs MC now red flake, to finally get to see it in person!

Ola's bike again.. More to come

Part of my family in Sweden

The campfire at 12am!

Kalle's glorious panhead!

Oh, just some parts...

Mats and a kick ass gastank!
Bugs on Rille's headlight!

Uh yeah it rained on us hard for about 180 miles

WHo was lookn for a Riley carb?

panhead hillclimb bike!

Yeah, a harley tool

The cat that sleeps under the single most amazing chopper I have EVER seen!

Long bike glory!

A cannon in Stockholm, before a blond girl with a machine gun with a very shiny bayonet told us to leave coz they were changing the guard

Linnea, not all gorgeous Swedish girls are blonds!

Again, thanx to everyone at the Twin Club, Henken who showed me all over and hooked me up, to the guys who i talked choppers with for hours at the clubhouse, and everyone who was so damn nice!
and thanx to all my brothers there in Sweden. I love you all.


Pacman said...

jesus! you weren't kidding, there are a shit load of long bike's

SakéRacer said...

i really like the greek bike!


SakéRacer said...

i meant...THE GREEN BIKE!!!


(on the second pic)