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May 10, 2010

The Kenny Boyce Pro Street Chassis

In 1993 I did the Kenny Boyce conversion to 3 different FXR's they looked good, but i never really thought they handled as well as the FXR, I always thought the shock angle was too steep for FXR shocks.
But I worked with a guy named Rob, good guy, good mechanic. He had built one and it was unlike any other and unlike any high dollar custom out there at the time.

Sporty tank, skinny 18" rear wheel, the killer PM mags, Bub Bad Dog megaphones. This was probably the first EVO that I REALLY REALLY liked. Bad ass!

Me and Rob in Daytona 12 years later!

Good mother fucker!

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Road Dawg Rob said...

Thanks from one good mother fucker to another.
Road Dawg Rob