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April 22, 2010

The Widowmaker

aka my Suzuki TL1000s

They have a bad rap, ok the 97's had a bunch of problems that branded them deathtraps. and this one is a 2001 that has all the bodywork removed and dirtbike bars etc. it also has the Ohlins shock and steering dampner that fixes the handling problems.
I generally just cruise it everywhere, for all intents and purposes its my daily bike right now, it is totally docile and normal just cruisin around normally. Since im a harley guy its normal to never rev it above 6000rpm. BUT at about 7000rpm this bike, up to about 10500rpm is a rabid snarling monster of a motorcycle. I read an article on some mag about it and i decided to spend sometime riding it like a "Sportbike guy." I had riden it to its potential, (Even tho I cant even come close to really pushing it to its limits handling wise), but never for an extended period of time. Wow this bike is totally fuckin insane when pushed to its limits, (Which really arent limits for it) you keep it at round 7000rpm and its absolutely the gnarliest responding bike i have ever riden. I mean fuck it has 125 HP and will break every speed limit in california in FIRST gear. I fuckin love it. Luckily riding it like a harley guy keeps me out of jail...
Oh yeah thanx to Kymberly for standin on it in the parking lot during the day, she's fun!
oh yeah, WHEELER, text me!


Ric in RIchmond said...

Nice!! I had a 97 TLs that I fightered as well. Shouldn't have sold it It was definitely manic over 7000 rpm!!!

Frank said...

Thats great. A TLS and a Harley. I own both. The TLS with an other frame and a chopped 59 Harley.
That means two groups of friends to ride with (hehe).

Watch it:


Wheeler said...

BaHaha... 3rd time I looked at the pic ... I will later this Afternoon or 2night....