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March 31, 2010

My friend Maqi

Last year I did a review of a Tattoo book.
The girl that wrote it, my friend Maqi, rules.
This is Maqi

I said I never wanted to do anything with any tattoo mag and, she asked and I didn't say no. Crap!
This was out a few months ago

I never thought i'd be happy with anything on me in a tattoo mag, and well, I'm stoked on it!

So, thanx for makin something of me with my shirt off that I am totally stoked with!

Go check out her Blog, she goes fuckin everywhere and she rules!


Howard Kelly said... have a lot of tattoos...who knew...?

maki23 said...

Thanks for this!!! You are the raddest!
see you in Japan
hope the tattooing went well