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February 8, 2010


Ok I bet we all have a band that we always wish we had seen, with a particular line up etc, that we are pretty sure we never will.

The first band on my list, Scott Weinrich (Wino) era St Vitus.
After first hearing St Vitus on an SST complilation in 86 i believe, it blew me away. Yes, metal on SST, THE ONLY METAL EVER ON SST.
The first St Vitus with Scott Reegers singing is the first real DOOM metal record. They took what BlackSabbath did and made it heavier and darker. But then came Wino, they made the record "Born Too Late" that to this day is heavier than every fuckin band out there that thinks they are heavy, period.

Then comes the St Vitus "Live" record. The one record I wanted to see live, I really couldnt have imagined what it would gbe like to see them live. I knew the Wino had his side projects, Spirit CAravan, the Hidden Hand, and the band I will see in March, Shrinebuilder.
St Vitus played in LA, the first time since 1988, on jan 28, 2010.


Dave Chandler - Guitar

Wino and Marc Adams on Bass

Then it got crazier, after an hour of St Vitus playing like no other, the drummer Henry Vasquez hitting the drums as hard as he possibly can and Marc and David playin with it turned up to 11, Wino walks off stage.

and Scott Reagers walked on stage to sing the most amazing and most covered St Vitus song off the first record "Burial at Sea"
holy fucking shit!

that was amazing and probably will never happen again!
Then Wino came back and closed the show with "Born too Late"

It took my ears took a long time to stop ringing, I dont think anything will beat it.

St Vitus go there and buy the Live CD if you dont have it.


Jeff Wright said...

Killer shots Dave!

lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

insane photos,you saw some seriously epic shit.

Pat "The Rooster" said...

Now I wish I'd spent the money to go to the rained on my trip anyway..DAMMIT!!!!maybe in another 32 years...

Jacob said...

ST VITUS are gonna play friday on loppen in cph. Denmark, think i will go see the show.. \m/,