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January 16, 2010

Twitter + Emily Marilyn = NYC Hardcore = Doom Metal

you might wonder how that works...
OK, i have a Twitter Account, rarely use it but what the hell, I follow some random people and whatnot on there. Feel free to follow me if thats your thing, i think its a bit weird but fuck it.
so, thursday morning, i see a tweet (AACK) from Emily Marilyn, (Shes rad) saying that Agnostic Front is playing with her bf's band Viva Hate that night at the Redwood Bar.
AF is one of the best hardcore bands EVER, PERIOD, I don"t care what you say its true. So i did a search and read that on this tour they were going to play the entire album "Victim in Pain" back to back!!! Holy shit, ok fuck I have to go.

Roger Miret

Vinnie fuckin Stigma
Nice socks!!!

Ok it was kick ass to see them in a bar the size of my living room. But it gets better.

I run into my buddy Vince there, dont see him all that often, the first words out of his mouth are "You going to St.Vitus?"
Uhhh, excuse me???
"yeah they are playing the end of the month downtown."

Ok, St Vitus is the heaviest band ever and the very top of the list of bands I have to see if Wino ever decides to put it together for them to play here.

So, yes, it's true.
and the Saviours rule as well!!!

So, thanx to Twitter and the one and only Emily Marilyn (You fuckin RULE, Darlin!!!) I get to see the greatest metal band of all time, if it wasn't for her post I would have missed it, run into Vince and he would have told me and I would have sat and cried.

I like Twitter now, even tho it weirds me out.


scotty rockland said...

fuck yeah, St. Vitus! can't wait for that one. Shrinebuilder (wino's other band) is playing in March.

emilymarilyn said...

Wait til I corner you again!

GoM said...

Vitus is some real OG doom metal! Wino fucking rules \m/

Ryno said...

I was just about to say, don't miss SHRINEBUILDER!
March 3 & 4 at the Echo.
Seein them at the Casbah on the 2nd.

Scott Kelly
Al Cisneros
and Dale fuckin' Crover.

The End.

andy said...

a.f. is awsome, i am still a youngster but they were the first h.c. band i ever got into. was viva hate with sick of it all a while back it was a great show. might have to make a trip from the cold white.