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January 2, 2010

Parts locating help!

We need a front right side 4 piston (or 6) tokico caliper. The one fron the 1997 to 2003 gsxr or TL.
The one that's approx 2 7/16ths across the mounting holes center to center. Must be a RIGHT side!

Any help will fuckin rule!



Stone said...

Give my buddy Sean a call on Monday --- he owns Grim Cycle Salvage, deals mostly with wrecked Jap shit. I know I've seen a bunch of GSXR front ends over there...

His phone is: 801.669.8184
His email is:
And his never-updated blog is:
Oh... and his ebay store is:

wendell said...

I have a pair, I'll give them to you if you go to do supercamp with us... I probably would give them to you anyways.

Mike said...

If the two options above don't pan out, literally any of these will fit your spacing, not all toxico of course

Bandit1200, GSX1000R, Hayabusa, GSX750, GSX750 Katana, GSXR750 Slingshot, GSXR1100L, GSXR1100M, GSXR1100N, GSXR1100 Slingshot, GSXR600 (2001 model), GSXR750WR, RF900R, RGV250, RGV250M, TL1000R, TL1000S, Bandit 400 (twin dics model, all years), GSXR750 SRAD (95-99), GSXR600 (96-2000)
ZX6R (2000 onwards), ZX7R, ZX9R (96 onwards), ZX12R, ZRX1100
Daytona 595, 505, Trophy
FZR750R, OW01

Additionally I got a 4 pot off a bandit you can have...believe its a nissin though