You learn from what's killing you.

December 29, 2009

So, im sitting here trapped

in front of the computer doing online traffic school for a speeding ticket.
one of the traps for the online traffic school is random facts stuck in here and there that you get quized on, and if you miss you get sent back a few pages, and that adds time.

just read this one: "The first Harley Davidson used a tomato soup can as a carburetor"



Crazy John said...

(1) How fast were you going?

(2) My friend Moonshine Robbie uses two Fosters 25 oz beer cans as air cleaners on his VW-powered BMW.

davo said...

Yup, Tomato can.

By Hand and By Brain said...

not cup-o-noodles? traffic school sux-

ringgold said...

Just be glad you can do it online. Here in Georgia it's an 8 hour class on saturday.

Chopperdave said...

49 in a 30... oops

and it still took 8 hours online!!!!