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November 9, 2009


What is this gear from? was in a box full of misc sporty tranny and cam gears.
I personally don't know, so I need proof! or something. Oh yeah i should have measured it, it a bit over 3" i believe..

if someone actually comes up with it, I will send them something. Somethig good, I just don't know what yet.


Flathead Jedd said...

Clearly it's the drive gear from a 63-69 Volkswagen water pump. I really expected more form you Dave.

Roadside Marty said...

I'm shooting in the dark here but I think it's possibly from a WLR factory racer, because a friend of mine had one of those and the gears in them had ball bearings, will try to get photo for proof!!

Meccanico di Veno said...

What does a 63-69 VW need a water pump for?

Word Verification = prics

SIK RUB'R said...

Sportster 1957-1970 Front 3.000" 44 Tooth 8.00Mm Stpd Profile Only Engine Pulley

Joe said...

It's the idler gear off of an XR 750 that drives the magneto off of the end of the cams. Part #29697-59R Intermediate gear assembly.

Now sends me some muddafuggin stuff, NOW!!!

Donzzilla @ Metro

MattWalksler said...

WR Idler Gear?

-Matt from Wheels Through Time

ZZ chop said...

63-69 watercooled Vdub? you almost had me fooled Jedd!

Bacon said...