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July 4, 2009

why yesterday ruled.

Yesterday was my birthday, it ended up ruling.
why did it rule? well, i got calls from Harpoon and Grant saying that the one and only PENTAGRAM was playing! no fucking way, if you don't know who Pentagram is, read about em here, and get the CD's "First Daze Here" and "Turn to Stone" both reissues of earler stuff.

they started playing metal in 1971! and somehow they are still doin it and holy fuckin shit they sounded amazing and were heavy as shit!

and here is a pic of the one and only Bobby Leibling, the core of Pentagram!
thanx to Dre for takin me and thanx to Fatty for comin with and getin this killer shot with his iphone from the pit!
One of the most epic shows i have EVER seen! EVER!!!!


rizky mandra said...

Happy birthday Dave..!! may many good things happens this year... greetings from Indonesia.. Santey Bor..!!

mitchell6929 said...

happy day muthafuck

Daniel said...

Cheers for your B-Day!!!!

B Harlow said...

the Mick Jagger of Metal. they were in Chicago last weekend.

steve said...

Happy Birthday! said...

Yes it was indeed monu-metal! Glad you guys made it. I'll post the video soon.