You learn from what's killing you.

July 22, 2009

more JESOLO '09

Looks fishy to me...

look, a baby wolf..

what is number 9???


pretty sure everybody was damn nice in italy

Cortina, from 10, 000+ feet


Mr Wonderful

Minna and Blaster

Really how great are these girls!?!

Poor Dean, blowfish tattoo, but he was too scared to eat it...
oh yeah and the guy wearin my shirt was in Jesolo on his honeymoon yet was out with us til 4 every night!!!

shots anyone?

Nobbi's kick ass pan

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Raoul Duke said...

being mostly italian I am very envious of these vacation photos ... the girls is the red 2 twos are very sexy, one of them looks like my first fiance from Bay Ridge brooklyn