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July 20, 2009


I finally have buckles available!
$65 shipped anywhere in the USA, anywhere else $75.

Everyone is hand poured and wax chased by me and then cast in bronze or white bronze.

I have 10 available right now, if you want one, email me at
mail at
and i can invoice you!
HUGE thanx to Jessica for the killer pic!!!


manxmantt said...

tits like that have to belong to a hot chick!!!

Jessica said...

Ha! Well, Manx i do happen to be a hot chick.

Start begging Dave to put the pics he shot up! He has hundreds that he's just hording all to himself.

hogtownhd said...

I want a buckle. Email sent!

J-Rod said...

Sent an any left?

merowinger_42 said...

Hi Dave!
Any buckle left for a fan in good old bavaria? Pls give me a hint!

woodage said...

I wanna buckle! Please leave it attached to Jessica and ship to England.

Jessica said...

Woodage: You pay, i play.

Wait, do you have fucked up teeth?

fedeferr said...

hi dave! i would like a buckle and guess what, just got an awesome idea, once i'll get it i'll take a picture exactly as the one you have on your site, just different model...and i'll send it to you!!! let me know if you have any left.

Maples01 said...

I'll take the buckle is she's attached!

Anonymous said...

Keep the buckle. How much for Jessica?