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July 26, 2009




kevinhog said...


FOE said...

DAH hill climb engine.

B.B.Inc. said...

This is a 1939 DAH, Hill climb; Short stroke 750 cc, Harley-Davidson; Full story in Iron Horse July 1983.

Lonnie C. said...

I'd say it appears to be a DAH, but I'd say 1930 or so, looks like one that RL Jones in Lyman, SC has. They came out in 1929 as 45-inch hillclimbers. Ran a single-speed transmission. I don't think they were produced but for a couple of years.
In 1930 H-D took the engine, modified it for a recirculating oil system and set them up as road races as the DAR.
While there are examples of the DAH around, I don't think and DAR's survived.
Lonnie C.

matt said...

Hi Guys,

Matt Walksler from Wheels Through Time here. That is an interesting motor. Its a DAH, kind of. But not a 1930. Notice the 32 casting numbers on the case. Probably an RL bottom end. Its also got big stroker plates under the cylinders. Another interesting feature is the Knucklehead type valve enclosures. Not on any other DAH I've seen (we've got 4 at the museum). Its very hard to tell, but if you zoom in on the serial number, the last 3 look like 501. '39 makes sense to me. We've got a serial number 1 DAH from '48, which was raced by the A.D. farrow hillclimb anythings possible.