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July 29, 2009

Air Racing

Air Racing is something that fascinates me. Yes I like all racing, but from what i have read and seen, air racing is by far the closest to full on insanity. Fucking blows my mind.

My friend Elliot has found a Cassutt and started racing last year at Reno.

I think racing an airplane around pylons against other insane pilots has to be the ballsiest thing ever, albeit a bit crazy.
Wasabi Racing check it out!
if, for any reason you are at Osh Kosh this week, go see him!


JohnQPublic said...

When I was a kid I kinda idolized Bob Hannah. IMO spending your "retirement" racing a 500 MPH P-51 Mustang for a dollar a year sorta suggests you've got a pair.

Elliot "Stinky" Seguin said...

Bob Hannah's story about the trim tab departure on voodoo (see fly low, fly fast), is like top three best unlimited air racing stories I know.