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June 22, 2009

motor MADNESS!

OK, if you know Nelson, he is a pretty level headed guy, he doesn't freak out and he always thinks before he speaks ( I wish i could do that...)
last week I got in the new S&S motor in for his FXR that he has 90,000 plus miles on and he decided that it needs to match the drive train. On sat we stent a couple hours taping it all off.

in the above picture you can't tell but he is freaking out that I just painted his new motor, he was litterally running around like chicken little losing it... It was rad.

It's done now.


Jessica said...


=mike= said...

he's obviously out of his mind . . . I can dig it

Daniel K said...

Congrats to Nelson

Nads said...

Angry suits Nelson

Daddy Frisco said...

" the sky is fallin......the sky is fallin...."

Guy@GK said...

What I love is you guys in SoCal just seem to be able to swap out motors, frames, whatever, with no DMV hassle...

Why can't we do that in Europe?

Motor looks NICE!

Chris K said...

Did he want it painted or not?

When it comes to engines, bare metal rules!