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May 7, 2009

This Weekend...

So, Saturday morning Dre and I will make our way to San Diego for the

Red Bull Air Race
over the San Diego harbor

then... as soon as qualifying is over haul ass up to

Speedway, where the season opener is going on for T-Rod's first race!!!!
Hell yeah!


By Hand and By Brain said...

Dave what number is T-Rod runnin?
Pac and I will be there.

Jessicunt said...

Sooooo jealous. Though, with no roller derby in your schedule, who really wins?

=mike= said...

hey bring me a disc with some pictures of that shoot so I can see how dumb I look up close !

call me when you get into town bub !

big scott said...

T-Rod did good... Stayed upright, most where fallin! i think he took 2nd !! keep it up, yeah T-Rod!