You learn from what's killing you.

May 10, 2009

Crazed Attack Turtle...

Watch out for this fucker!!!


Flathead Jedd said...

That's a tortoise dumb ass. Notice how it's not swimming in the water. That's usually the give away.

Comrade said...

I think I know that little shit! My Ol' Lady were driving two cars back to Houston after buying them in South Carolina... We had found a turtle crossing the highway and she wanted to stop to get him out of the road so he wouldn't become soup.
Of course, she falls in love with the turtle, wants to take it home and paint its shell, give it a home, all that... An hour later, she is screaming over the radio and I see her in my rear view mirror, swerving all over the road, almost flipping into a ditch. I get her to pull over, run to her car, and she is trying to protect herself from the vicious beast with an empty water bottle!
Long story short, we let him go at a nice stream and I think he has finally made his way to where he threatened you. It has been about five years since the initial attack and that time line fits.
Heed the warning and watch out!


Lee said...

He does look pissed off.

Super71 said...