You learn from what's killing you.

November 25, 2008


Okay, I drove my van to my shop tonight, it's raining and its always fun in my van of the wipers that work when they want to, but...
Had my Ipod plugged into my stereo on shuffle
in a row it played
Victim in Pain by Agnostic Front insane fuckin song, the greatest record ever by Agnostic Front, fuckin brutal, insane
Horror of it all by Anthrax, killer song off the single record that I have probably listened to more than any other in my life, the ultimate metal record of all time, Among the living.
and then
Ludichrist, Most People are Dicks!!!!

Bad ass, made me happy, if only Carnivore - Race War and The Cro Mags - Hard Times had come on it would have been the perfect NY setlist.

All that shit from NY fuckin killed me whe i first heard it.
Still kills me now when i hear it, love it!


Unknown said...

This is the best I could do looking on flickr for "Naked women turkey".

Anonymous said...

to bad your a cali softy