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November 22, 2008

The Harley Davidson XR-1200

Well, it's almost here!

Contrary to what we all thought Harley Davidson is now taking pre orders for the first 750 XR-1200's!

The first ones shipping from the factory are the orange and black version above.
They are only taking 750 orders for them until Dec 15th, and if they havent taken 750 they will stop taking orders on that date either way

If you pre-order one now you can have it IN DECEMBER!!!

I'm happy that HD is finally realeasing something i actually like, mind you it needs some tweaking but for a factory bike it's pretty sweet!

it's cheaper than we all estimated it to be!

suggested MSRP of the orange one is $11,179
If you want one call Tracy at Harley Davidson of Westminster at 714.891.4300
but do it soon, coz as of the 15th you will have to wait until feb or march to take delivery of one.

But, if you want a silver or black one...
You have to wait
They will be shipping feb or march.

with the same MSRP, cept the california version of the black one will MSRP for $10,900
I can't wait to ride one...


Anonymous said...

I like the silver bike. Who wants to buy me one?

baowah said...

I rod one of these 2 months ago.
my problem was the finishing and the seat-panel, but against of some ugly things there is the very mascular engine and the strong forks.

Anonymous said...

umm, it's still a rubber mount sportster and it still weighs over 500lbs while barely making 80rwhp.

it also looks nothing like a xr750. sorry, but this is just as much marketing bs as the whole dark thingy.
i'll take the sportster 1200s with some buell parts in the engine any day over this

Anonymous said...

11k? Man i wishi had some money, Anonymous go buy a hayabusa if you want somethin fast!!

They make a cool race kit in Europe with a sick tail section Termi full system and other nice stuff!!!

FInally i nice looking factory harley for the US market!

baowah said...

the original silencer is good to cut after buying, with 1000 km it was rusty :)