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July 17, 2008

This is scary

This is some old shit, ok not that old, but this pic was taken in june of 93, at castaic lake.
A bunch of us rode up for the flattrack races at ventura. We all stayed at the campground fri night.
Denver Dan and Melony, Ravi, Nazi Larry, Michelle, and I, pretty much destroyed everyone else's vacation that night...

I still wish I had more pix of this 45, it went to Japan in 94, anyone over there know where it is?


LUCKY said...

How old were ya then? 19, 20 corse I souldn't poke fun yer a ruler of all thats cool!!

Chopperdave said...

oh crap, i was 22, and damn that bike was so fun.

poke all the fun you want!

Emily said...

Hair!! Who is that guy??