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July 9, 2008

The HD xr1200

Rad, I would even consider buyin one, (if I could stomach spending that much on a sporty) especially after looking at the 2008 XL parts book and seeing how different it is, swingarm, oiling system, a ton of neat shit.

The guys at Biltwell took some neat spy photos of it in Corona, go to their blog and look at the post from July 5!

Do I think it's dumb that HD isn't releasing it here? yes
Do I have a theory that it has to do with the name and possibly Storz owning a copyright to that name (XR1200, for their street tracker style kit).
Yes, thats my theory, but hell, if thats the case call it something different. Hell buy the name from em! Harley just canned a ton of people, they should have cash to spend!

If it's not the case, it just figures, maybe it doesn't fit into the "Dark Custom" deal? They can't paint it flat black with gloss black stripes?
Guys who really want to ride don't have a stupid handshake?

Don't know, but damn the oiling system alone is pretty fuckin neat.
I would like to ride one, maybe I can con someone in sturgis into letting me ride one...
Probably not..


Bigdeze said...

HD just purchased the rights to use "XR1200" from Storz.

Unknown said...

Link to the article:

Chopperdave said...

See!?! what did i tell ya!!!

Skylar said...

Nice. Those grey XRs with the highpipes are cool as hell, Sundance did a sick on over in Japan

New Harleys are still lame

Billy said...

The XR is slated to be a 2009 model here in the States. You should see them on the dealership floors in August. I'm diggin the hell out of it.