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July 6, 2008

Cook Custom's S&S 50th Build

This bike is not really my style, and i question how well the suspension will actually work from where the pivot is,
This bike has some neat shit on it, the Burman trans is done beautifully and the fact that its a generator case with the generator mounts cut off cleanly really set the drivetrain apart.

super clean job on the motor!!

chek em out here
Also, this bike won its class, the Shovel head class!

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Anonymous said...

the bike is a scrap heap, just like all the other cob jobs from those guys. when is everyone going to learn that this group of hacks is trying way to hard. build a bike that wont kill somebody, or one thatll run longer than a year. maby then people will be impressed, cause its certainly not from the quality appearance. cook builds the vw bug of the motorcycle world, no way in hell he should even think of comparing any of that junk to a caddy. ron rink, motorcycle historian, dr. of mechanical science. {this is a quote, he said he would post it, but he said the scabbs might cry like babies. oh well!}