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June 23, 2008

S&S 50 Anniversary Bike Build Off and Weekend!

So, I leave for Des Moines in a few hours, then will be riding up to

for the Anniversary Deal!
with Jeff Wright, Fatty, and a bunch or other derelicts because Jeff's S&S Shovel is in the 50th Build off.

It also turns out that S&S asked me to be in the build off as well with my X-Wedge!
Very Cool! Even though if it came down to voting between mine of Jeff's I'd have to give it to Jeff, his bike KILLS it!

So this bike will be in LaCrosse as well!

And FRIDAY NIGHT IN LACROSSE, there is the mandatory COC party!

So, if you can make it come down, or up, depending where you are comin from, DO IT FUCKERS!!!


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