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June 17, 2008

The F-86 Saber Jet

As you all know (If you have looked at my blog more than once!) that I am obsessed with 30's 40's and '50's aviation stuff.

I did these Cast F-86 Sabre jets last year, I only did 6, sold one and made one for a friend.

At some point, I will finish the other 4 I have. They are as cast, need polishing and I need to make stands for em.
I am very happy with em, I will do more planes, but only planes that have never been done in a cast form, and only planes I like.
I will possibly do a Junkers Ju 87, "Stuka" next.
If I get caught up on all my other stuff...


Nick said...

That is rad!

Anonymous said...

I would be game for the 30s and 40s versions, always dug the Stuka.........scary plane, ask the Spaniards.

Beaner said...

Being a professional Mechanic and a half-assed Pilot. I love the F-86 I am obsessed with it's lines. I get chub just driving on base at Osan when I see the static display USAF or the ROKAF Saberjets.