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May 19, 2008

Magazine finding help!

Hey! I hear I am in a recent issue of MCM magazine, from Sweden. Does anybody have one I could have??? Let me know! I haven't seen it yet! And Maurice who shot it doesn't have one either!



Anonymous said...

You can order one yourself if no one has a copy to spare (I gave mine to a friend).
Send 40 sek (swedish crowns) for the zine and add sek 75.00 for postage and handling.
MCM Förlag AB.
Bankaccount: 52111010804
IBAN: SE6650000000052111010804 SWIFTADRESS: ESSESESS
VAT: SE556443387701 SEB Karlbergsv. 44 SE-10640 Stockholm. Write that you want zine 2/2008. Or just send them an email @ Most likely they will send you one for free.

Anonymous said...

Any idea which issue it was? I'll have it somewhere and hand it over in La Crosse if you want.