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May 22, 2008

And now...

Okay, you are looking at my blog, I know that you probably look at a bunch of different ones.
I do as well. All kinds of weird shit.
I am constantly adding and deleting blogs, but
this is my current list. It's in no particular order, at all. Well 'cept the first one.

The List

Church of Choppers The reason I have a blog, Jeff rules, he said "You should do a blog" so here I am.

Gizmodo CRazy Gadjet shit

Crazybabe Bob Coulter's site, the most insane, hottest naked girls anywhere

Death Machine Kyles Death Machine

Wingnuts The vintage club

The WORLD/ Psycho Wheels Nao's killer shop in Japan

Modern Mechanix Great stuff!

Fuck You Heroes '78 Itsumi's insane blog, I wish I could read it.

4Q Conditioning Max Schaff's

Claire Adams: an optimistic view of 42 Claire is a doll, a really flexible one.

Deadalicious Crazy French guys with neat shit

Scooter McRads Neat hot rod shit

Ashley Blue Wow, all I can say is read it.

Iamacatrancher Heather is insane, she rules, and insane in a good way.

Flying Dutchman's His blog is back

Beer Bait & Ammo yup!

Mostly Uninteresting is pretty Interesting, thanx Mike!

Strobist Photo stuff

The Vintagent Great old motorcycle stuff

BaD ADVICe Kimberly Kane, yes she rules.

FAKE Another rad Japanese site

Toons at war neat vintage Disney WWII artwork

Joe Smith Racing Not really a blog, but neat

((( NOISE ))) T-Bones new blog

Okay, thats the current list. I will also in a week, (When it's off the first page) make this list of blogs a permanent part of my blog.

I'm going to bed now.

and don't send me your blog and ask to be on the link list damnit! But feel free to send me the address of neat blogs. Especially vintage aviation related ones...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahh thank you for saying i'm insane in a 'good way' instead of pulling out the medical records. that's really sweet of you.

i've posted your favorite portrait from the birthday party.