You learn from what's killing you.

April 6, 2008


Hey! I seem to remember that an old bike movie, like On Any Sunday, but not, had a scene from the Catalina Grand Prix in it. They showed a japanese guy with a "ya-ma-ha" that they made fun about "no more of them japanese bikes comin over here..."

I dont think its On any sunday 2, the only thing i can realy remember from OAS2 is the speedway on asphalt...

Anyone remember that scene and what its from????

Dustin said he has never seen any footage of the Catalina grand prix and if he hasn't seen it, and its motorcycle related, i might have imagined the whole thing, but in my desciption of the announcer talkin shit on the ya-ma-ha seemed to ring a bell with him too..



goose said...

pretty sure thats On Any Sunday 2... in high school i made out with the producers daughter Carrie.

Anonymous said...

goose, those lips just never stop, do they?!