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March 1, 2008

Twin Cam Prototypes Killer polish job

So, here are the TC points covers, the polish job is 100% better than before, a minimun of polish!
they are KILLER!!! I am very happy with them. Once I have the final patterns done for em and can start pourin em, ill let you all know!

they look so much better, these pix aren't as good but if you go back and compare em to the first ones i had polished you will see how much better they are!!! Stay tuned if you want em! also, all these will be available drilled for the Morris magneto cam cover as well, (Six hole offset pattern)
so, these are basically how the standard two hole ones will look!

I also have the pattern done for the loud fast rules! cover as well, stay tuned for that!

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Nads said...

Can you make me one that says "Racists Only"? Not enough space I bet.