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February 16, 2008

Wherever Wheels Turn or Propellers Spin

The Bible

Okay, I have always liked doing electrical work. Wiring bikes, motors, whatever, weird shit...
Now, at a garage sale maybe 12 years ago I bought a couple boxes of automotive tech literature. I still have some of it and this is by far the best guide for non-solid state electronics I have ever seen.
If you have a voltage reulator that isn't solid state? ther is something in here to use as reference. If you wonder how a coil works...
if you wonder how a distributor works, a starter, or if you want to really understand the workings of a HD style generator
its all here.
factory service bulletins for everything, from batterys to door jamb switches...
neat shit. if you ever see one of these and you work on old shit, buy it.
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