You learn from what's killing you.

February 26, 2008

So Cal Weather

Yes I live in So Cal,
yes, we that live in So Cal are blessed with amazing weather
yes, it was nice today, i rode to the beach in a t-shirt.

i hope all you people out there who are freezing thaw out soon!


Blaine said...


It was a balmy 45 in Utah today

EVO said...

Yeah its great. I've been tearing around Signal Hill for the last few days in a tee shirt. Mornings are still a little chilly.

heather said...

you can ride on the beach in california? this state is just so weird. rights on red, motorcycles on the sand, white stripper heels year 'round and at any hour of the day...
i feel like such a foreigner.

and then you just rub it in with your 'afternoon man-dates of cuddling on the beach in february in your tshirts & bacon fried rice at the hawaiian place, i am man of leisure crap'.