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February 19, 2008

CJ Allan

there are so few true "Real" people in the world anymore.

CJ Allan is one of them, and a real talented motherfucker as well!

The best engraver around, like no other.

These are the boxes he did for me for my knuckle, I sent them to him before I knew the rear one would need some mods to the pushrod pockets. I don't have the heart to start cuttin em up and fuck em up. So, they are one of my favorite motorcycle parts.
Thanx CJ!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the 2 front heads and Norton box on that Knucklehead - I wanna see more!
Now, tell me about the dog peaking out by the front wheel - looks like my 9 year old Dobi-Rotti X, but I suspect there's Shepherd in there.